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PLATEA | El centro de ocio gastronómico más grande de Europa está en la Plaza de Colón, Madrid.

On the 1st floor is Canalla Bistro Madrid restaurant, the most eclectic, rebel and cosmopolitan restaurant of chef Ricard Camarena, distinguished 3 times with the Michelin star, and revalidated 3 Soles Repsol that brings a gastronomic proposal that break the rules.

Here you will find surprising dishes that combine the best raw material with elaborations filled of personality.


Ricard Camarena

One of the few non-negotiable things in the gastronomy of the Valencian chef is the taste.
Ricard Camarena has no doubts about certain things: on the one hand the absolute respect for season products, and on the other that the clients must feel like at home.

This recipe of flavor, product and good service has served him to achieve 3 times the Michelin star and revalidate the 3 Repsol Suns in its gastronomic Universe, which is constantly evolving.

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Calle de Goya, 5-7, 28001 Madrid

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